WATCH: Oregon Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson Says Retired Cops And Teachers ‘Just Need To Die’


Oregon Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson was speaking about pension reform bills when she suggested a solution to the state’s budget issues: retired employees need to die. Lawmakers have been discussing the public pension system and how they can make cuts to the public employee’s pension fund in order to fund a massive budget deficit.

Among the proposals being discussed are an increase of the retirement age to 67 for general service employees and school employees, which would not only reduce the time that benefits are paid out, but increase the likelihood of public employees dying before they can retire.

Sen. Laurie Monnes Anderson (D-Gresham) discussed how the proposed bills would cut benefits for new employees while leaving the retired employee’s benefits alone. The retired employees on the old tier 1 plan comprise nearly two-thirds of the system’s unfunded liability.

However, legally, it’s hard to take away the benefits that were already granted to those employees as part of their salaries. The state spent decades putting off adding an appropriate levels of funds to the pension system, and they left the bill to be paid off in the future. Now the state is passing that burden onto their employees.

Sen. Laurie Monnes Anderson quipped what her solution to the problem was, retired public employees just need to die. Our public employees, including cops and teachers, deserve better than this.

You can see the video of the statement below:

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