Police Officer’s Dog Anxiously Hangs Out Of Car Window When They Pull Into Drive-Thru


Now that it is September, people like to pretend that it is already fall and they think it is the appropriate time to drink pumpkin spice lattes. Until it’s 65 degrees or under, I will stick to my iced teas and coffees, but I am all for fall starting! However, the cooler it gets, the longer the line in Starbucks seems to get.

If every customer were as impatient as Yasso, I can totally understand all of the long lines every time I am just trying to put in my order. Yasso is a member of the Twinsburg K-9 unit in Ohio and when he is off duty, he knows exactly how to party!

With his dad, Yasso hits up their local Starbucks. This big guy knows exactly how things work. You put your order in, pay, and then you get your drink! He is the perfect balance between impatient and polite. As soon as they pull up to pick up their drinks, Yasso climbs right out of his window and waits for the barista to hand over his pupachino. He eats the entire thing in one go and then, like a good boy, gets right back into his seat.

If you have a great respect and love for police dogs, then you have to see how adorable their first days of training are when they are puppies! Video credit: Twinsburg K-9 Unit

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#offduty pupachino run for K-9 Yasso. Life is full of rewards. It’s not always work and training for him. He’s treated as family and he’s a good boy.

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